Our mission

Our focus is to create market leading packaging products that provide our customers with solutions to satisfy the need for improved packaging performance.

Our priorities

  • Be the Partner of choice for our customers and target markets;

  • Deliver Outstanding Customer Service;

  • Innovation and new product development centered around our customer’s requirements today and for the future;

  • Consistently deliver world class products on time;

  • Build a World Class Team and Culture empowered to make decisions’

  • Deliver budgeted sales and profitability.

Our employees

  • Ensure our employees operate in a safe working environment;

  • Commitment to customer focus and willingness to go a step further;

  • Teamwork culture based on trust and integrity;

  • Employees who are trained and empowered to consistently produce world class products;

  • Ongoing investment in Operational Excellence and focus on continuous improvement.

Health and safety

Clondalkin cover a wide range of issues regarding health and safety for its employees including noise, handling chemicals, accidents, protective clothing and the use of new technology. We aim to raise the awareness of our employees about health and safety at work and encourage our employees to think through the consequences of actions on their own and others’ health and safety

Safety and well-being of each company’s employees has the highest priority.


Every year, we invest significant resources in research and development, design, production, delivery systems and in our people. In all of these investments and commitments, we have one focus. Our focus is on being the leading benchmark supplier in our chosen specialist markets.

Quality is central to everything that takes place at each of our companies.

Throughout our production processes, we apply extensive quality assurance, defect detection, vision verification compliance and delivery checks and protocols to ensure our products meet our own stringent standards and our customers’ specifications.

We operate state-of-the-art inspection equipment and extensive quality assurance protocols at every stage from origination to delivery.