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Flexoplast, with its two production locations, is a key player in the field of blown Polyethylene films and printing.

The plant in Wieringerwerf produces blown mono and is a specialist in co-extruded LDPE films produced in up to five layers and in thickness ranging from 10 to 200 microns.

Wieringerwerf operates nine modern extruders giving it the flexibility to produce a wide range of specifications. Its films are used in the food sector for applications such as vegetable and fruit packaging, deep frozen food packaging, hygiene films for personal care products and in the industrial sector for shrink-wrap films, insulation films and silage stretch films.

The plant in Harlingen operates six very modern Flexo presses which can print up to 10 colours. It laminates multiple substrates and converts films into bags in multiple shapes and sizes. It specialises in producing converted films and laminates for the beverage, food, frozen foods, breads, vegetable and fruit and pet-food markets.


Company name: Flexoplast

Address: Industrieweg 1, 8861 VH Harlingen, Netherlands

Tel: +31 517 432 626

Website: Flexoplast