The basis of Wentus’ success is its customer focused product and process development, its ability to address short term customer requests through its all-in-house-technology-approach, very short decision paths and its extremely experienced and dedicated employees.

From blown and cast multi-layer-extrusion, 10-color-flexo-printing, solvent-free and solvent-based lamination, in-line laser-perforating slitting to special treatment processes, Wentus operates the full range of flexible packaging production technologies at one site.

Its extensive technological capabilities are matched by its fully committed employees to continuously improve its customer service and quality and to solve its customers’ packaging requirements efficiently by developing uniquely bespoke solutions.

With short term access to a wide range of proprietary materials, Wentus has developed an extensive range of customized products, including:

  • WENTOPRO® – barrier films for food product presentation, protection and conservation
  • WENTOPRO SKINTIGHT® – high performance skin films
  • WENTODUR® – complex blown films with special seal and peel characteristics
  • WENTOFAN® – cast polypropylene films with outstanding transparency and brilliance
  • WENTERRA® – compostable films for multiple applications
  • WENTOTWIST® – cast polypropylene films developed for twist-wrap applications
  • WENTOPLEX® – composite laminates for excellent visual and barrier properties including peel, antifog and reclose features


Company name: Wentus

Address: Eugen-Diesel-Straße 12,
37671 Höxter, Germany

Telephone: +49 5271 689 0

Website: Wentus